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Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations uses only the freshest ingredients and are homemade in Tennessee, USA.

We look forward to becoming your go-to source for delicious, nutritious canine treats!

Hi Emily,


Wanted to let you know that your products are proving to be very helpful in training my new Service dog. After sampling several flavors, Murphy settled in with "Bacon and Cheese Please" training treats as her favorite flavor and we use them to teach her vocabulary (she has 150-200 single words to learn) because they provide a quick reinforcer for responding to single word commands, thus allowing us to move quickly to repeat the command. She really loves the "Liver Snax," which are a bit larger, and work well as a reinforcer with multi word commands. Using the combination, she's mastered one of her primary assistance command sequences of "Get, Bring, Sit, Give" to retrieve dropped objects. "Give" is one of the more demanding commands for a 3 month old Labrador Retriever who would much rather play with the retrieved object. But she Gives easily when there's a Liver Snax cookie waiting to reward her.


Thanks so much for your help in finding the right motivational combination. Murphy says thank you, too!


~ Felicia Fontaine



Hi Emily,


The day that you brought the new treats, Maverick was standing in Bill's lap, when I came up behind them holding the bag of training treats. His little black nose began to twitch, eyes were really bright and ears on alert. When I gave him a treat, he did a little happy dance. He also loves the three cheese pleasers that I use as incentives to come back in my office, which has a gate, to stay when we have tax clients coming so he won't charge the door. He's fine after people come in, it's a schnauzer territorial thing. Maverick will follow me down the hall barking and turning circles for the cheese treats.


Lily got a bag of treats, even though she didn't deserve them, according to Caroline, because she had eaten something she shouldn't have and had to make a trip to the emergency vet.


Anyway, I just thought you would want to know that your treats have some real fans.


~ Ginny



"Hip, hip, huray! The cookies arrived. When they did I yelled out 'cookies!!!' They all came running. We opened the carob peanut butter ones and 4 out of 5 liked. In fact, one of the 4 liked it so much he did not let #5 think twice before he stole his cookie. Thanks sooo much. They look great, almost made ME wanna try one."


~ Denise Rager, Corry, PA



"I recently discovered Emily’s dog treats. All five of my dogs tried these treats and loved them. I became such an instant fan that I decided to sell them at my clinic. My customers particularly like the natural, wholesome ingredients. I know for a fact that Emily prepares these treats in a hygienic way, even wearing gloves to make sure they are safe and clean. For my patients with food allergies, Emily makes hypo allergenic treats and will even customize orders for other patients with special needs."


~ Sharon Startup, DVM, Animal Dental Services



"My Jack Russells and Great Dane absolutely LOVE Emmy's Creations!!! Get some to have on hand during the holidays so you're not tempted to give stuff from the table. These treats are not only delicious, but are also very nutritious and most of all--they are completely safe for your four-legged friends!!"


~ Debby Calloway, DVM, Admiral Veterinary Hospital



"Olivia loves her frosted cheese treats. She highly recommends them!"


~ Linda Culbertson McMahan via Facebook



"I brought some samples home for our Boxer mix, Sasha (a.k.a. 'The Queen') and she discarded my 14-year old son as her favorite to become my best friend again (however temporarily)! Sasha loved the treats, but even I noticed how fresh they felt and yummy they smelled. I felt like I was being a much better mom by giving her homemade treats rather than the typical mass-produced (and, if from China, sometimes tainted) ones I get at the store. If I'm to stay in Sasha's good graces, it's Emmy's all the way from now on!"


~ Allison Sousa, Lenoir City, TN



"Sooo glad I heard of Emmy's Creations. We've been worried, recently. about feeding our guys the usual fare. Your treats have come along just in time. From Sailor & Tori de Dog, a big "woof" of Thanks!"


~ Corinne S. Smith via Facebook


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